What’s your life purpose?

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It is pretty hard to define “purpose”. Everyone seems to have his own definition, and all of them differ from each other. You can think of it as a path to follow in your life where you put all your time and effort. It’s also the sum of a person’s values, passions, and abilities.

I struggled for the past 2 years, trying to find my “life purpose”, and I still haven’t found anything that fits these definitions. I read tons of articles and watched endless videos and documentaries about this topic. I think I’m in a stage that almost everybody’s going to experience sooner or later in life. We are so focused on trying to find the life purpose that we miss out on the important thing, ending up wasting all of our life not being happy and fulfilled, which were the reasons why we started the research in the first place.

I’ve always been the type of person that says: “Yep, I must find it. Otherwise I’ll be miserable”, but it might not be like that. I’ve come to realize that it is much more likely that you’ll end up miserable if you keep looking for it and maybe even if you think you found it.

Okay, that sounds weird but let me explain.

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Happiness is not a thing that you find, and it’s not a “consumable product” either. It is more of a positive attitude towards life. You can’t find the perfect path to follow and put everything you got into it in hope of achieving happiness, it doesn’t work like this. We as human beings are much more complex than this concept. We aren’t born to accomplish a specific function.

That’s why, as I see it, happiness is more often than not a consequence of a life lived with variety. You can’t simply follow the one you believe is your path, there’s more out there. To find your life purpose, you need to put love, passion, and time in whatever brings you joy, avoiding to get a “tunnel vision”. Then you’ll be able to give meaning to your life.

By saying this, I do not mean that you shouldn’t have a big goal or dream in your life, that pushes you forward, and that gives you a reason to get up in the morning. I just think that shouldn’t just be one. What’s most important is to keep in mind that your life needs to vary from time to time, that you don’t have just one reason for being alive.

Here are 3 simple reasons why thinking of life purpose as this “one big thing” can potentially make you miserable:

1.You might not find it (It’s probably the most common case), and because of this common idea and pressure, you’ll end up believing that you’re a complete failure.

2. You also may end up choosing a path that you feel like it’s the right one, and only when is too late realizing that it wasn’t your thing and you wasted a lot of precious time.

3. You find it and you really like what you’re doing, but as soon as you realize you’re missing out on the variety of life, you’ll feel wrong about yourself even if you’re doing something you’re truly passionate about.

There’s obviously a chance that you find the right path, you love it, and you’ll never regret choosing to go all in, but it’s uncommon, and ultimately, you’ll miss out on your other passions.

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To sum it up, just don’t spend all your life searching for a life purpose that probably doesn’t even exist.




I'm a young aspiring filmmaker and storyteller. I love thinking of my life as a journey that gives me the opportunity to improve myself everyday.

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Simo Magri

Simo Magri

I'm a young aspiring filmmaker and storyteller. I love thinking of my life as a journey that gives me the opportunity to improve myself everyday.

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